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The Nursing Leadership Crisis

We are on the verge of the biggest healthcare crisis we have ever seen. The heart of healthcare is dying. By the heart, I mean nurses. They are the life blood of any healthcare organization and they are leaving the profession in droves. This mass exodus is creating an environment where nursing leaders can make more money and deal with the same or less amount of stress taking travel assignments. Not to mention, nursing leaders have been at the forefront of battling the pandemic, dealing with high staff turnover, extremely ill patients, ethical dilemmas, and supply chain issues all while probably still working the floor to cover for the nurses that have left. This picture becomes even grimmer in a rural setting where resources were limited to begin with. There are no layers of protection or reserves to pull on when crisis ensues. It is my mission to help these critical access hospitals stabilize their nursing leadership and their nursing staff by offering interim leadership to fill the gap or consulting to help advance things like quality initiatives or building new service lines, that have taken a backseat to the more pressing issues mentioned before. I have a deep understanding of the challenges we face in rural healthcare and a strong will to find a way to save it.

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